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Carla and the might curve stomp!

On the small island of Oha, two middle aged women talk to one another combing the beach for any trash during the wee hours of the morning. One was a tall Caucasian woman with a hourglass figure, having bright purple hair usually seen on a punk who dyes their hair to be rebellious, it was short and messy in style but it was a odd complement to her blue jean shorts and green top.  Next to her was a native Hawaiian with long black hair, dark eyes and skin that's been tan for ages, she walked next to her wearing brown sneakers that matched her Khaki shorts and Black tank top.

"And then, this huge bat attacked this little kid so I head butted the damn thing." Stacey tells Shannon who gasps at the heroic feat Stacey did.

She comments, "Amazing, still, I bet it can't hold a candle to this crocodile in the water around here. That thing is a true monster."

Stacey rebuttals, "I bet, still, I love to see that thing try and eat my family" With a confident smirk when her sandals get caught on a wire making her trip into the sand.

She grumbles with Shannon grabbing the wire, checking it out yelling, "HEY! This is a violation, having exposed wires this close to the sea is a medical hazard for everyone who comes here!" Shannon then tugs on the huge wire to follow it with Stacey getting up, her body covered in sand as she grumbles.

The two follow the rubber wire but begin to see brown fur on it, Shannon was confused at a wire having brown fur when they notice it actually tied to a palm tree. Stacey raises a eyebrow at this and begins to poke the furry rubber wire when they hear a loud call, "STACEY!"

Shannon and Stacey turn to have their jaw dropped at the sight of a human sized brown furred dog girl who is being reeling in by the rubber wire turning out to be her left arm. Shannon yells, "WHAT IS THAT!?" when the dog girl slams into the duo, with the force sending them across into the forest near the beach. They continue to fly thanks to the powerful impact from the dog girl before they slam into a wall of a odd building in the middle of the forest.

The trio moan in pain, the dog rubber woman soaking wet, her white t-shirt and long white pants seemed to be sagging on her body, her brown fur looked darker thanks to being soaked from the sea with her blonde long hair looking heavy on her being soaked and covered in seaweed. Stacey moans with her body coiled around Rubbershing with Shannon trapped in the ball of the two rubber woman tied up when.

Stacey groans, "Rubbershing, why did you slam into us?"

She whines, "It was by accident Stacey! Sorry I was exploring the water when you guys tugged on my leg."

"I see, well Stacey, she is a neat friend you have here." Shannon comments in a deadpan manner.  Stacey groans with Rubbershing laughing at their small problem when they see a little girl walk by them with long brown hair styled in an odd upright manner, her outfit was just pink jeans, a brown and hazel striped shirt with sneakers.

"Um, hi, can you help us?" Shannon questions the little girl who is very cheerful at them that she runs right behind the ball and begins to roll them out of the room.

She begins chanting, "Oh my, oh how, my sister will be please, because I brought people to test with glee!" With the trio in utter shock at what the young girl was chanting with a huge grin, chirpy tone and skip with every step she took while pushing them towards her sister. Stacey and Rubbershing begin to shake around in there tied up knot with Shannon confused when Rubbershing gasps with a plan.

She stretches her lips to Stacey's ear and whispers, "Fusion time Stacey!" Stacey groans with Shannon confused on why the collective hero would groan like this.

She whines, "Do we have too?" With Rubbershing yelling, "It's our only way! Besides Shannon will be out catalyst for this awesome fusion of a dog, hero and whatever this chocolate colored girl does."

Shannon argues, "My name's Shannon and its rude calling someone a name by their color!" while Rubbershing protests, "Why!? Is it because human's have a problem with it or something?" In an innocent and confused tone while Stacey and Shannon groan not wanting to explain a complicated subject.  

"Wait, you're a dog? How can you see colors?" With Shannon curious at how a dog-human hybrid has the ability to see color.

She says, "I don't know."

The little girl calls, "We're here!" Rolling them into a room with a bunch of rubber suits where they see a young woman testing a thin sheet of plastic when she whistles, "Carla! I have the intruders in our island wonderland!"

She turns to show her face being that of a fox with orange fur that matches her hair, her paws being brown in color with her outfit being a simple green tee with white sleeves and long black pants. She had no shoes or gloves on during her experiment but had a long white lab coat and her tail shoved in her pants so it does not get in the way.

She examines the rubber ball with Shannon trapped inside and exclaims, "HAZEL! Don't be rude, this is Stacey, Rubbershing and the owner of the beach Shannon Kapahu! Now with that out of the way, just shove them in the rubberization chamber so we can melt them and make some new swimsuits."

Stacey yells, "WHAT!? They what was the point of telling her our names!?

Shannon arguing, "And how do you know our names like that!?"

Carla chuckles, with her fox like grin and begins to walk to the rubber ball to tell them, "Simple, I have many spy bots exploring every nook and cranny of this island so I can test tin peace and these two are well known heroes I just happen to know their identities, as for why I wanted to introduce you three, well let's say I find it more rewarding to know I am wearing clothes made of people who have some worth to them." As she gives Shannon a bigger, more evil grin when Rubbershing soon looks like dough with Stacey following and begin enclosing on Shannon who panics.

Carla yells, "HEY! What the hell to you think you are.." but before she could finished a arm of dark green punches Carla in the jaw sending her flying. In the blob it slowly begins to form into Shannon who is wearing a dark green rubber suit with a boob hole and dog like hoodie.  Shannon was amazed she did that with Stacey's face appearing from her abdomen area with the hoodie winking at Shannon who couldn't see it.

She yells, "Hey Carla! You wanted to test us huh? Well, I hope you love to test this!" Shannon then throws a long stretchy punch that grows into the size of a car and slams into Carla who screams before crashing into a wall. The fox scientist moans in defeat when Hazel runs to them holding a ray gun pointed at them. Shannon eyes widen when the roof explodes to show a familiar face, Renji coming from the sky.

He yells, "BITCH! You thought I was gone!" and lands right on Hazel, somehow flattening her into a disk. He smirks asking, "So where's the big guy so I can have a real match and beat his ass."

Shannon sighs when her rubber suit defuses back into Stacey and Rubbershing who runs up and coils around Renji happy as a lamb. She cheers, "Renji! Where were you!?"

He adds, "Um in the Atmosphere, did you know there was an alien base hiding up there?! It was awesome just to blow it up! Anyway, hey I heard about the wedding so we are staying with you Stacey, no arguing!" She moans with Shannon feeling her despair as now they have two madmen staying on the island.

The End
Here it is you son of a bitch! Enjoy bro and Merry Birthday!

Renji and Rubbershing - :iconrenjiborran:
Shannon - :iconsailorenergy:
Stacey - ~AyumuHunter
Carla, Hazel owned by :iconredflare500:
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SailorEnergy Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You want some Hawaiian tanned skin? Here! *POW*

That's great that you took advantage of Shannon's police training to help Stacey and Steve deal with Carla. :XD:

Good work and thank you for including Shannon in the story. :clap:
AyumuHunter Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
Your welcome man!

I had to since well as of right now there are in Hawaii waiting for the wedding while resceahing the area for Gold
SailorEnergy Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yep, "two madman staying on the island" :XD:
AyumuHunter Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
Yep, Renji and of course Sin,
SailorEnergy Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yep, Sin that demon who caused Kiwi to lose his feathers from fright. :XD:
AyumuHunter Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
SailorEnergy Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ATB1996 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
Awesome as always
P-z-p-Z Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Great story man.
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