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Sabrina, Dawn and Christmas Ditto

Cold air hit the young woman's face who is relaxing outside her house happy with her Mamoswine snoring next to her. In her hands was a crimson mug with a picture of happy face belonging a witch with purple hair and pony tails with the young woman pondering to herself about what to do for Christmas, leaning on her huge mammoth like companion.  Her light-black eyes look down to her mug as she slowly moves it up to her lips, being careful not to stain her snowy-white scarf with the chocolate drink, she blows the small steam coming from the cup to make sure it's not too hot for her. "This is a lovely day." she comments right before she puts the cup to her lips and drink down the hot chocolate.

Inside her home, the young woman's mother Johanna was holding a box and placing it down on wrapping paper colored in bright white, red and green colors. She smiles closing up the box with the warping paper as she ties it up with a Blue bow before placing it in a yellow hand bag her daughter uses with a bow on it as well. She calls, "Dawn! I got your Kanto pack ready!"

The young woman soon  puts her cup down on the front steps to run inside when her Mamoswine walks a bit and grabs the cup with his teeth and begins drinking the hot chocolate down with ease. Inside, Dawn meets her mom who is holding the new pack with the blue bow on it. Dawn grabs it out of her mom's hands yelling, "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"

"You're welcome dear, merry Christmas!" Johanna profess to her young daughter with a smile but adds, "Now inside is my present, promise me you will not open it until you meet Sabrina, me and her mom been talking a lot on this website and we think you two be perfect for a little play date."

Johanna gives a motherly smile to dawn who is a bit embarrassed her mom treats her like a little child still. She ponders, "I feel sorry for Sabrina if her mom treats her the same way". Leaving she yells, "MAMOSWINE!" as she sees the mammoth Pokémon happy with spilt cocoa on snow with the mug a bit cracked as on the front, the smiling girl with purple pigtails grinds her teeth mad.

In Saffron City, the young woman Sabrina was sitting crossed legged in the air, hovering a foot over the ground with her black tights keeping herself from losing balance. She inhales and exhales every second to keep herself focus on her mediation as her white gloved hands are open with the palm showing she is at peace with herself as energy flows through her every being. In this peace, she could hear and feel everything in her gym when a loud buzzing sound shatters it making her gasp and fall on  her back. She moans as her body is a bit flattened by the startling shock but quickly gets back into shape.

Getting up from the ground, she sighs thinking, "Who is coming to visit me today? I bet it is Erika wanting to do another makeover on me".

In a flash her body turns white before disappearing then reappearing to the front door of her gym. She opens the door as she questions, "Hello? Who are you?"

In front of her was Dawn who greets, "My name is Dawn, and you must be Sabrina right? My mom told your mom I be visiting."

Sabrina grumbles, "I guess we have the same mother problem huh?" which makes Dawn giggle who thinks Sabrina is joking. The giggling makes Sabrina blush a bit at how kind Dawn is acting to her in a first impression.

Dawn chuckles, "So Sabrina, my mom gave me a present, want to open it with me?" with Sabrina nodding in return. Opening her pack, Dawn brings out the gift her mother gave her with Sabrina looking at it with a smile at how this is a small symbol of the love Johanna has for her daughter.  

Sabrina adds, "So this is her early gift to you?" with Dawn nodding as she begins to undo the bow nicely with the psychic a bit excited to see what Johanna got Dawn. Dawn then began to tear away the wrapping paper to see the brown box with a brown lid on it. Removing the lid to see what is inside, Dawn gasps, reaching inside to bring out a Pokéball marked, "Your special Friend waits inside."

"Oh wow! A Pokemon!" Dawn squeaks in excitement with Sabrina thinking back when she was five with her mom and dad giving her Abra for Christmas. It puts tears to Sabrina's eyes who watches Dawn throw her Pokéball yelling, "Come on out!"

The Pokéball open's releasing a white light that lets a pink goo creature out. It lands on the floor being no bigger than two feet looks at them with a smile and makes gooey sounds to them giving them a smile like a little kid made its face.

"Hello Ditto." Dawn greets, her face lighted up with a smile with Sabrina watching over the two with a grin of happiness. Soon Ditto cheers with burble sounds as it jumps on Sabrina to hug her as Dawn takes a note of the box and reads, "Gintlem? What is that?" in a confused tone when Sabrina's body begins to shake a bit.

The cute ditto body glows with Sabrina's body beginning to glow itself in a red aura as she says, "What is happening?" in a bit of a lax tone as her black stocking begin to look a bit saggy as her feet begin to looked more webbed inside it. Dawn was shocked looking at Sabrina, staring as the young psychic's long hair begins to stretch down to the floor pulling Sabrina's neck back.

Her feet soon begin to sink into the ground looking like a black puddle making Sabrina's legs sinking into the growing black puddle with the Ditto laughing happy at this. Sabrina laughs to in a daze, her legs dripping in black goo at every second as her skirt begins dripping red ooze, mixing with the darker color to form a crimson swirl in her growing mass of ooze.

Dawn was in shock as Sabrina's neck begins stretching to the puddle her hair beginning to mix in the crimson swirl puddle making it lighter in color. Her head smiled blissfully, sinking with the flesh-colored ooze as her face begins to melt away her eyes looking like a shade of color, her lips being a mess of red and nose being nonexistent. Her neck looked like a flesh color tube that soon snaps off the body melting into the ooze giving it a flesh like coloring, mixing with the other colors looking like a mess of the wrong combination of colors. The rest of Sabrina's body sinks as her breast slowly begin to peel off her body like melons being connected to a board with glue. They splash off with the red colors just disappearing into the mess of a puddle once known as Sabrina.

Dawn was in utter shock when the rest of her body sinks into the ooze, Dawn eyes just staring at it before she yells, "SABRINA"!

She runs to the puddle, kneeling to her when the Ditto, still smiling soon glows itself as its body slowly begins to form female like feet and growing legs with a layer of pink slime making an illusion of stockings. Then, the legs slowly have a woman's bottom half being formed with a skirt like shape before adding on with a waist slowly creeping up into the shape of a woman's torso, growing a shape of breast on it being covered in a thin membrane resembling a shirt. Arms then burst out the side of the body, slowly slithering up into the position where they should be on a human with a head slowly forming on the neck created on the nearly completed female body.

Dawn, hovering over the puddle is crying thinking Sabrina is gone when a hand touches her shoulder. The distraught young woman turns her head to see a pink skin woman with cloths like Sabrina who says, "Hello master, did you like the melting gift?" With a smile.

"NO! SABRINA IS GONE!" She yells at the ditto with tears in eyes making her whimper in fear making her lose form and slowly become a blob of pink flesh. Dawn then looks down with anger still in her eyes.

The Ditto says, "But, she is not gone, just melted." Which makes Dawn's eyes widen in shock as Ditto slowly reforms back into the shape of Sabrina. She adds, "Sorry for being.... surprising but I am a special Ditto made by a witch"

Dawn moans, "I have a feeling who made you. So can you fix her?" with the Ditto person nodding.

"Master, please command me!" she tells Dawn who yells, "Alright, so on the card there should be a way to fix her?" Grabbing her  card from the box she looks at to see a list of commands for the Ditto.

She yells, "Ditbrina! Use Afos!" As soon the Ditto Sabrina soon fires a glowing arua ball that soon attacks Dawn making her body strech out like taffy as her arms become cushiony arm rest of a sofa as her legs slowly spilt down the middle and spread out like sofa legs with a supportive bottom slowly having her skirt area become two cushions as her with her red dress becoming part of it as her head becomes the back support of it. Her eyes and breast pop out to become pillows with her mouth being in the middle of the cushions where her hat stretches out on it.

She yelps, "I'm a sofa! Help!" as Ditbrina yelps herself when Dawn looks back at the list best she can and yells, "Ditbrina use Emils!" As soon the ditto kisses her making Dawn turn red in skin and melts down into a puddle before turning into a slime person.

She grabs the list, slowly becoming soggy in her hand as she yells, "Alright, this one will be good, Tnatum!" When Ditto yelps and touches Dawn who gasps as her body turns back into a fleshy human before her body begins to change into something monstrous. She screams as her body rips apart with green tentacles popping out her back as her arms and legs explode into the form of a sauropod's leg as her body becomes a ugly green shade as she looks like a four legged dinosaur with her skin looking dry and rough looking. She cries, tears falling from her eyes as her head becomes just teeth with her neck growing long with black gill like features sensing her environment as her chest has a small opening part that shows a second neck with a normal head of a person with Dawn's hat.

She yells, "What happened!?"

Ditbrina says, "You told me to make you a mutant!" with Dawn then roaring in rage with Ditbrina adding, "I'm sorry! But all the commands are words backwards!" which soon Dawn realizes and slumps her large neck down to Ditbrina who sees rows and rows of sharp teeth.

Dawn asks, "I'm sorry Ditbrina. Ditbrina?" As she turns  her neck and her body senses a pink puddle with no movement and she moans, "AWWWW MAN! She's knocked out! Well, I guess I can wait till she wakes up to fix the both of us..... sometimes I wonder about my predicaments I been in."

The End.
Here is a christmas gift for a personal friend of mine and I hope he enjoys it!

Sabrina, Dawn, Johanna, Ditto, Abra and Mamoswine owned by Gamefreak, Nintendo

Ditbrina belongs to me.
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mariic1 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
Zatana, eat your heart out.
AyumuHunter Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
ATB1996 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012
Nice story, as usual
AyumuHunter Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012
Thank you
ATB1996 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012
Your welcome :) I haven't heard a melting story from you in a while
SailorEnergy Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, :XD: Good work. Poor them, getting a scare when Sabrina melted.

Akosmia looks at the puddle and she rolls it around.

Sabrina is now shaped like a "snowwoman". :XD:
AyumuHunter Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Sabrina says, "Akosmia!"

Dawn says, "Yeah!" as Drayl and co see the monster Dawn
SailorEnergy Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Akosmia "Hehehe." :D
AyumuHunter Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012

Ditbrina: Hi, you must Ayu's friends

Dawn asks, "I'm hungry, anyone else?"
SailorEnergy Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AKosmia: "eh, yeah?" (surprised)
P-z-p-Z Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Great story man.
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