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Lilith pouted while her father, Steve, was rubbing special sun screen on her from
under an umbrella. He tells her, "Lilith, I know you hate that every day you have to wear my sunscreen but you have special skin." He kneels to be at her eye level to give her a smile with Lilith smiling now, her skin coated with a thin white membrane.

"Be safe Lilith."  He tells her before giving her a hug. Lilith smiles as a middle aged woman walks up to them in a green two piece bikini that shows off her body making Steve turn bright red making Lilith giggle at the sight.  

"How do I look Steve?" she says with Steve dumbstruck and unable to answer her.

"Can we go swimming, Aunty Stacey?" Lilith asks with Stacey chuckling at her question.

Lilith was confused while Steve reaches for their small beach bag for something to eat and picks up a brown kiwi bird by mistake. It bites his fingers, with an enraged look on its face as Steve howlers in pain. He raises his hand close to his face to see the mad kiwi bird at him. He grumbles with a mad look himself as it releases his fingers to yell a loud pricing sound hurting Steve's ears.

Steve falls to the ground holding his ears, the kiwi walking off until Stacey grabs it. Looking around to see if anyone will see her, she lets a sigh of relief to see no one looking their way and makes her left hand a slingshot. She aims it to a sand mound a few yards away and fires the kiwi from it, making it scream all the way. Stacey chuckles with Lilith giggling at the sight of the kiwi flying like a stone.

As Steve was in pain, a young man with dark black hair was laughing all the way. He had a huge bang that covered is right eye with his left eye being blood red. He wore a long black shirt in the hot weather of Hawaii with long blue jeans and a very thin look to him. Steve grumbles at him with Stacey glaring at him.

He laughs, "Man Steve, you are weak as hell!"

"Shut up Sin!" Steve yells.

Over at the other side of the beach a young man was sitting on a beach chair whistling a tune in his head with the kiwi flying downwards to him. When it lands, it looks pissed and ready to scream but freezes in fear seeing the face of them grin at it with intend of eating.

He has yellow demonic eyes with sharp fangs of a beast. He stares down at the small bird and asks in a creepy voice, "Hey there, you ever want to see the inside of a demon!?" as he opens his mouth and the kiwi runs away with the man gagging at what he did.

He yells, "God damn Vore  Fa$%$#! There are tainting my brain!" he growls as people stare at him as he snorts, making them go back to what they were doing before. He closes his eyes to relax while people run past him to go surfing.

"SIR, reconsider!" shouts a middle aged blonde man dressed in a tie-dyed shirt and blue jeans while he follows the beach manger, Ben Springer. In vain he yells, "Please let the DJ master play on this spot! He will pay this place handsomely, all your debts will be gone if you just let him play!"

"NO! This DJ Master causes nothing but trouble for any venue he plays in! I will not have him destroying this beach!" he yells with a stern and adamant voice. The man that was begging Ben was terrified as he tells him. "Please reconsider. DJ hates when people won't let him express his art."

Ben glares at DJ Master's agent making him run off terrified. Ben looked concerned as the man acted like he was scared to tell this to the artist, but not in the usual way an agent tells a star. He walks back into his shack to continue to count and balance the budget of the small beach in the Hawaiian Islands.

With the Evian family plus Sin, Sin finally got dressed in a black swim trunks to take a small dip in the water to cool off and relax. As he walks into the area he sees a sign telling him that the water may have jellyfish still from the last infestation last week and should be careful in swimming the area.

Sin simply looks at the sigh and states, "I choose not to understand this sigh." He walks into the water swimming for a bit with Lilith gasping. Grabbing on Stacey's arm, she points to Sin swimming in the water with the sign telling anyone there to be careful with the water with the poisonous jellyfish inside. Stacey simply shakes her head and ignores it with Lilith wondering why her future mom is indifferent if Sin gets attacked or not.

Lilith asks, "Um Stacey, can we go out into the water please."

Stacey says, "Sure sweetie. Let me see if anyone is near us." She moves her head to see if anyone is watching her or Lilith. After a few minutes of surveying the land she is pleased that no one can see her and kneels next to the little sunscreen protected vampire girl. She begins to morph her body into a boat with her face morphing to become the front as her back follows out for Lilith to sit in as her legs form into a rudder and her front part of her body morphs into the bow.
Happy, the little vampire carries the rubber woman boat to the water to relax as Steve is putting on a third coat of sun screen with his laptop out to study the area. He mumbles, "If the Intel is true, we may have discovered a real life mermaid, one to prove that the myths surrounding them are real or not." He was curious how he would be able to question the patrons of the beach and the owners.

Getting up he calls out, "Hey Stacey, I'm going to interview the people around here alright!"

"Alright Steve" the boat calls out with as a part of Stacy stretches out into an umbrella for Lilith so she can lay on Stacey without getting to much sun.

With a goal inside Steve's head, he begins to walk around the beach, looking for people to question before seeing the young man with yellow eyes sleeping. He had red swim trunks on, his skin was brown and a body Steve wishes he had instead of his meek, light skin one that is so weak he can barely carry his own luggage let alone Lilith's. He grumbles and walks away with the man continuing to snore with the seagulls looking at him confused at how he scared the kiwi from earlier.

In the water, the local guard was combing the area to see if there are any signs of the jellyfish that stayed behind. She mumbles to herself saying, "Wish we had some sonar for our boat. Would be great to find those lost jellyfish." She continues to drive around on her boat as the sun hits her dark skin and long black hair.

Soon her eyes catch Sin swimming in the water and her jaw drops what she is seeing.  The young man swimming with three jellyfishes on his left arm and three on his right arm, the man is not even panicking or freaking out that he has six toxic animals attached to his arms.

"HEY! Get over here! You need medical attention!" she yells with concern.

"...No!" he replies making the woman pissed. She drives off to be next to Sin and throws a net on him so she can fish him out.

As she reels up the net he tells her, "I know fishnet is kinky and all but it works better when you wear it then try to capture guys with." The woman turns bright red with her teeth grinding at what he just said to her.

"Hell no! I'm a married woman!" she yells back at him, "Now hold on! I need to remove these box jellyfish and give you anti venom."

Getting up Sin sees these Jellyfish saying, "How the hell did these things get on me." As he brings a sword hilt out his swim trucks with the woman raising an eyebrow of what he brought out. In a quick motion Sin stabs his own hand, making some blood spurt out, with the woman dropping her jaw at what he just did and continued to look with shock as the hilt began to form into a knife with blood red metal. He then stabbed the jellyfish, removing them from his arms.

"Man, jellyfish are such assholes, latching on to me when I'm trying to relax." He says as he looks at the woman who still is in shock at what just transpired on her boat.

Regaining her sense, she calming swallows her emotions and asks, "Okay, what just happened, Mr.?"

"Sin, Sin Kanve." He responds.

"Um, odd name, I'm Shannon Kapahu. What did you just do and how come you aren't sick to your stomach from having six box jellyfish infect you with their venom." She asks hiding the fact she witness the oddest and messed up thing in her life.

"Those things were poisonous!?" He yells in shock.

"HEY! I'M THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE IN SHOCK!" she yells back to Sin.

Lilith laughs as she and Stacey go up and down on small little waves; with Lilith's little red one piece swim suit getting soaked from the sea water that splash her.  Stacey chuckles, her eyes closed so the sea water doesn't hit them while she paddles around the shore area so they don't go off far. Soon a little girl spies Lilith alone on the boat as she runs off to a young woman with yellow swimming skirt and a yellow bikini. She had short blond hair and golden eyes. The little girl points to the boat and gives her a telescope. She looks through to see Lilith with no parents on the boat alone laughing.

She grumbles and jumps down mad, she gives the little girl with brown pig tails her telescope back and runs off to the water to get the girl back to shore. As she swims, Steve walks up to the little girl and asks, "Excuse me little one, are you Kalua one of the owner kids?"

She looks up to Steve to see he has the same aura as the people she is around. She gives him a smile and nods making Steve chuckle to ask, "So the rumors are true here, both the kids here are mute. So little one, may I meet your father or mother?"  With Kalua thinking back to what the adults told her, the message was fuzzy in her young mind when a loud voice calls out her name.

"Kalua! No talking to Strangers!" Say a young woman with long brown hair and a white tee shirt saying, "I love mermaids". Kalua jumps out the way of the woman as she rams into Steve making him gasp for air from the strike.

Kalua growls at the woman and runs off with Steve yelling, "Why did you attack us you idiot!" as he tries to push her off but fails takes to his meek stature. He grumbles as the girl rolls off, moaning in displeasure of ramming into a person. Steve gets up to ask her in a loud, upset tone, "Who are you!?"

She moans lying on the sand while Steve sighs and walks off looking for the little girl again. The woman slowly picks herself up, tears in her eyes, sand messing up her hair with her glasses on the floor, upset she cries, "Why does Kalua hate me?" while Steve looks around for the little girl to get his questions answered.

In the water, the young vampire laughs, traveling up and down on the small waves with her future mother, Stacey. As the rubber woman stays in the shape of a small row boat for a little girl, the lifeguard who patrols the beach grabs the back of Stacey making her yelp in surprise. Lilith stops giggling and turns her head to see the lifeguard swimming towards the shore upset Lilith is alone on the boat.

Stacey stretches her face for a few seconds to see the lifeguard is not paying attention to the boat as she swims back with them. Using this small window of time, Stacey begins to form part of her back into a shape of a woman, her legs form but attached the boat showing a lack of feet with arms slowly popping out the figure. She tries to focus harder so her face can appear on the fake woman with her hair following suit. She has part of her bikini morph on her with Lilith amazed at what she saw.

Stacey makes a shush sound to Lilith to keep quiet as Lilith covers her mouth to suppress a chuckle of amazement. With a cough to get the lifeguard's attention, she asks, "Um ma'am, what seems to be the problem?" as Stacey feels a bit irresponsible for not making a decoy of herself with Lilith on the boat.

       The young lady stops swimming to stare at Stacey, she begins to point to Lilith then makes a one sign with her hand. Then she points to the water and then to Lilith again just to shake her head saying no. The message was a bit hard for Stacey to understand but using the context of what the young lady was trying to say Stacey answers, "You're upset I let my little girl alone on the boat huh? Sorry about that ma'am."

Gold nods and swims away as Stacey has her body sink back into a boat with only her torso staying in the shape of a human. She sighs with Lilith giggling at Stacey saying, "You got in trouble."

Stacey chuckles herself. She soon makes part of the boat gain a small propeller to push themselves to follow Gold with Lilith giggling.

The young demon eyed man, yawns, getting up from the beach chair just to stretch his arms and legs a bit. While he stretches he catches the look of two big men in cut up jeans and shirts with the logo of a top hat with white gloves playing records.  To the young man, they seemed tough enough for him to fight. With a chuckle he jumps in front of the, showing off his strong arms bursting out his t-shirt that he ripped the sleeves off of.

"Hey retards!" the young man yells at them to get their attention. He soon flips them off yelling, "Suck it, bitches!" as they yell at the man. The first one charges at the young demon man as he takes the punch to his face. He barely flinches, pissed at him.

"Damn, you're weaker than you look." He growls at the first man as he grabs the big man's right arm and twist it behind his back. The young man slams his knee into the back of the big man that a loud shatter is heard. The big man screams in pain with the younger man soon tossing him into the sand with the sound man punching the back of his. The young man snickers and soon punches the second big guy in the head with his fist. The demon man yells, "NOW THIS WILL BE A FIGHT!"

With a loud howl, the young man is about to attack again as a big man yells, "STOP FIGHTING!" He stomps through the beach, his fist clutched to his side with his arm swing back and punches the young demon man right in the face. Like a powerful force of nature, the attack brings the young man up from the ground and sends flying into the air.

Flying from the punch, he thinks, "Hm, I know who to fight now! Hell yeah!"

With steam coming out the big man's nostrils, he roars scaring the smaller bigger guy who runs away crying. Looking at the other big guy on the sand, he grabs him and begins to spin around with the man in his arms like he was a discus. He yells with passion, letting go of the man sending him like a missile towards his companion, hitting the other man hard.

He begins to calm down as Kalua runs other his legs with Steve chasing her. The man still mad grabs Steve with a bear hug. He squeezes Steve hard as he yells, "Why are you chasing my little Kalua!" Still mad, Kalua grabs the man's shirt and shakes her head. She points to Steve, giving him a smile to show he is a friendly man. The guy gasps and lets Steve go as Steve falls to the sand.

"I'm sorry; I assumed you were going to hurt her. Name's James Kapahu and you must be?" He greets Steve smiling. Looking down he sees Steve passed out. He sighs picking Steve up to go rest up and apologies for making him pass out.

In the small house where the young lifeguard lives, she swims back to meet Shannon with Sin who is getting bathed in vinegar oil. Sin grumbles saying, "You as bad as my mom." Shannon sighs with Gold raising an eyebrow at the scene. Shannon tells her with sign language that Sin is odd and unaffected by the poison but still should be careful.

As Gold wait, Ben sighs reading his bills when James opens the door to walk in
with a passed out Steve in his arms. Steve moans, beginning to come to as he asks, "Where am I?"

James puts him down saying, "Sorry about that, sort of squeezed the air out of ya" with a chuckle as Shannon slaps the balding big man on the head.

Steve asks, "I apologize if I seemed like I was going to hurt Kalua, but may I ask can I interview you about mermaids?"

Soon at the door someone walks in to show Stacey holding Lilith with Lilith saying, "Hi Daddy!" jumping off to hug him. Steve chuckles as Kalua gasp at another little girl on the beach.  Lilith greets, "Hi! I'm Lilith"  

Ben sits down to question, "Hm, so you are the geneticist Steve huh?" Steve gives him a nod of agreement with Shannon letting out a weak laugh.

"Look there is no such things as Mermaids. Why would a man of science even be interested in such a myth." says Shannon with a bit of confidence in her voice with Lilith looking at Kalua who grabs her crayons and papers. With a smile the two run off to where Kaula sleeps in the small home to color and draw.

Steve comments, "Interesting you say that, cause from a local source they found small pictures. Unclear, fuzzy but picture's none the less. All of which have Gold swimming from underwater." He looks around to ask, "Um excuse me everyone but I need to get my bag, um anyone want to come with?"

In the air, the young demon is still soaring as he speaks out loud, "Hm, this sucks. A strong fighter is just a little pussy who just avoids fights by showing off his pure strength instead of letting loose." He soon smirk's with his body turning to see on the ground a small militia of men in black shirt's looking pissed with blunt weapons in hands with a man sitting on a chair with a vinyl record player on his lap.

With the man scratching the record, the young man sense familiar energies emitting from the DJ looking fellow. He has short black hair with his big black headphones on that have patterns of diamonds of many colors, his body clothed in a white short shirt being worn over a green long sleeve shirt and loose jeans but with a long coat. He had hazel eyes that seemed to be as focused as a hawk, his body built like a body builder ready for anything people will throw at him. He chuckles with his teeth being pure white gleaming from how clean them seen matching how his clothes seem to be pure colors gleaming in the sun.

When Steve opens the door, a young man is sent flying into him, making Steve fall on his back with force. He moans as Ben yells, "It's the manager! Why did you?" He stops his question to see the man being covered in bruises, coughing blood making Gold freeze in fear from the sight of the young manager coughing blood.

Helping him up Ben asks, "What happened!?" when he hears laughing to see the small army smirking at Ben at the people in the building as he sees the DJ.

"Well, he did fail me on getting this place for my art. I am surprised you were scared to show my art, my show of freedom." With his face looking smug. Ben growls, his teeth grinding, his left fist balling into a fist with his right arm holding the beat up man close.

"Why did you hurt your own manager!?" Shannon yells in rage while James screams in pure rage himself running towards the crew when the young man begins scratching the disk, with the vinyl fusing with his body and he stretches his arm out with his palm out hitting James with a powerful psychic shockwave. The force was making James skid on the sandy beach, he grumbles seeing the DJ.

The DJ walking towards begins to grow glowing orange veins on his body with his clothes beginning to morph into razors on his long green sleeves with his white shirt making a symbol on his chest that looks like an evil smile with headphones around it. He chuckles taunting, "The name's Sinister Jockey, and I would like to formally ask once again. Can I please play on your beach?" with his tone being smug like he won when Stacey glares.

Sin whispers, "Stacey, I got ya covered" giving her a copy of her hero suit. She was going to question but stops to sigh. Sin grabs his sword, with James growling as Ben feels like she should stop before a fight starts.

Ben was about to yield so he can stop the fight when he hears, "All right! Let get this started!" As they see something hit the sand making a small wave of sand hitting everyone with the kids shaking in the house but ignoring it to color. They soon see the young man, cracking his neck to get ready saying, "Alright! Name's Renji Borran! Let's get it on!"

In a second, he runs up and sucker punches one man in the head with his eye ball popping out from the sheer force and being sent to the far side of the beach. Renji chuckles when Sin yells, "SIN KANVE!" jumping out the hut making a Sin sized hole with a knife and stabs a man in the chest. With a quick movement he pushes the man off with his palm. He growls when the man is hit with a green hammer in the head knocking him out as Stacey jumps on the screen

James, Ben, and Shannon realized that Stacey is a hero even when she says, "Hey, stop this in the name of the law!" with a glare as she is over one of the beat up henchman.

SJ growls saying, "Wonderful, the Bitch R.E.E.D, the dumbass known as Sin with whoever the brown kid is."

"It's Renji, dipshit!" Renji yells in rage making Stacey sigh being with the two maniacs. James walks up to them with a request.

"I can see you three are very violent in how you fight but, please make as little of a mess you can or else." As he glares making Sin and Renji cringe somehow making them think, "Dad glare."

Soon, the four charge in with James grabbing one of the henchmen who tried to swing with a metal pipe mid swing and breaks the pipe with one hand. He glares, tossing the man into Renji who yells, "Goodbye!" before kicking him in the face and sending him into the ocean.

The Seagulls watch with a bag of chips spread out on the roof of the hut , watching the fight with Sin bashing one man with a blunt sword to knock him out saying, "Damn, these guys are pretty weak." with Stacey grabbing one man with her arm like a rope and swings him into one of the henchmen.

After a few seconds, the small group was knocked out Sin counting them. He comments, "About a good twenty and we beat them in about a minute or so. How sad." James was confused how those three fought like it was nothing. Soon SJ growls saying, "Alright then, I see, four on one huh?"

Sin comments, "Nah, wouldn't be fair." with Stacey stretching over to the stairs to the hut, making her legs into a chair to watch the fight with Renji adding, "Heh this will be good. Hey big, old fat guy. Watch a pro do this," when Renji is punched in the face and sent halfway across the island with James pissed at what Renji told him.

James glares at SJ who soon gets ready to fight when he runs up to James who yells, grabbing the man and knees him in the gut. With one hit the man is knocked out, making him depower into his regular form. Looking over the knocked out man he says, "A man who fights for his selfish desires will always lose to a man who has a home to protect." Turning his back, he walks off with Shannon walking past him.

"Here is the bill for assault on us" she tells the DJ putting a bill on his head.

Later at Ben's home, with the hole patched up Ben says, "Amazing, so Stacey is a rubber woman. Sin is some sort of magical creature and Lilith is a little vampire."

Steve nods while Stacey morphed her body into a swing set for Kaula who laughs, swinging back and forth outside the  hut with Stacey weakling saying, "Yeah, I knew you guys would know when I got into my hero clothes.... it is real obvious."
Shannon nods with Lilith laughing louder then Kaula who then ups her own volume to compete with Lilith. Sin was fast asleep under the shade with Steve saying, "It is a wonder having kids so special huh Ben? Look, can I have some DNA of Gold and Kaula to at least help you?"

Gold looks at Steve, shaking her head with Ben chuckling. He answer's Steve question by telling him that the secret is one they will keep even if Steve promises to keep the secret because of a small paranoia the data could be stolen.

Steve nods, a bit sad but accepting the fact but asks, "Ben, can you watch Lilith for tonight?" he nods with Gold confused.

That night, Steve and Stacey walk around the beach smiling with Steve saying, "I guess we could stay to "look" for more evidence, huh Stacey?"

She tells him, "Yeah, too good to pass up, huh Steve." When Steve stops making Stacey stop and turn to see if he was alright.

Steve soon coughs asking, "Steve. For three years we've been together, you always made me and Lilith happy so would you do the honors…" as he kneels on to the sand, pulling a small box from his pocket to show a ring. "…Of keeping this happiness alive?"

Stacey smiles, grabbing Steve for a close hug with the moon shinning above them, signaling that their small stay in Hawaii maybe be prolonged for their special ceremony.
Here you go guys, Enjoy. I had alot of fun doing this.

Steve, Lilith and Stacey, SJ and manger owned to me
Sin Kanve owned to :icondarkhalf-breed:
Renji Borran owned to :iconrenjiborran:
Ben, Shannon, James, Gold, Kalua and Kiwi owned to :iconsailorenergy:
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James: "Who took them bananas?!"
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