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Welp, :iconambipucca: Tagged me

Her Questions:
1. Which of the three revealed Mega Evolutions this month for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is your favorite: Mega Gallade, Mega Sharpedo, or Mega Camerupt?
So far all of them, since they will have great stats, the trio have interesting Designs and makes me smile at the idea of more moves, Mega's and the chance to have some more Meta Changers.

2. What are your thoughts on the final roster in SSB4?
Amazing, the Roster will be very fun to play with thanks to the many newcomers, the updates to the old cast and the clone characters could be fun like they were in Melee. 
3. Which do you look more forward to: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, or SSB4?
Both, just Both.
4. Which game(s) are you looking forward to in 2015 (including Virtual Console titles)?
Hm, not sure as of yet.
5. In your opinion, what is the worst movie you have ever seen and why?
Worst Movie? Hm, I would say Silver lining Playbook.
6. What would you do if you were tuned into a pony (MLP-styled)?
Hate my self, cause it all honesty that body type SUCKS!
7. What are 10 of your favorite anime/video game characters?
*10. Solarie from Darksouls
*9. Kyrin from Maplestory
*8. Robin from One Piece.
*Dita and Parfait from Vandread
*6 Johnny Gat from Saints Row 3
*5 Big Daddy from Bioshock
*4 Serena/Calem from Pokemon X and Y
*3 Makoto from Street Fighter
*2 Kirby from Kirby
*1 Mario From the Mario Bros.
8. What is your favorite animal?
The Komodo Dragon!
9. Have you played any of the Megaman Battle Network games, and if so, which ones have you played?
No sadly.
10. What is your favorite final boss in any video game?
The Shadow Queen from Paper mario 2

My Questions:
1. What Comic Character do you really enjoy in stories?
2. Do you play Marvel Avengers Alliance and what's your PVP Team?
3. Thoughts on New 52 and Marvel Now?
4. Are you good at Fighting games that are not in a Super smash bros Style?
5. What do you feel about Crossovers and Remakes?
6. Worst Crossover or Remake?
7. What's your Favorite Transformation?
8. Any Anime's you hate?
9. Thoughts on MMO's?
10. What kind of RPG's to you like?

I tag:
  • Mood: Dumbfounded
  • Listening to: Sakura's Theme
  • Reading: Marvel Now!
  • Watching: The Warrior's Way
  • Playing: Dark Souls, Destiny and Maplestory
  • Eating: Chicken
  • Drinking: Coke


Steve Evian
United States
Well name's Ayumu Hunter. I am a huge fan of Maple Story for it's character models, monsters, abilities and the NPC's. Iam a big fan of Pokemon and Mario games. With my stories I have alot of fun.

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